Dance Terra

November 17-19, 2023

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Join us for a revitalizing weekend steeped in nature, dance, breathwork, nourishing food, and community connection.

It's so important in these times to be able to anchor in our bodies and feel ourselves and what's true for us. Our bodies truly are antennas. When we're unable to hear our own intuitive signaling due to overwhelm, external demands, and over stimulation, the path can get bumpy.

The good news is we don't need to do the work of clearing the system alone. It's even more effective in a community container where we can be supported and support, be seen and see others.

Join us for a beautiful weekend of deepening a connection to the nature of self and community through the power of movement.

The magical natural setting of Gray Bear retreat is a destination vacation in and of itself. It's the perfect place for this transformational journey. We get to have our feet on the ground, within a majestic, enchanted forest, as we reconnect in our bodies As nature.

We hope you'll join us for this powerful immersion!

hammock on a porch with forest in background

people dancing on a wood floor


Dance is one of the most powerful medicines on the planet. Ecstatic Dance is a freeform dance with the delicious intention to be present and embodied. A safe space is created to move our bodies without judgment. Ecstatic Dance allows us to move in a way that feels good rather than looks good. This inhibition breaks us open energetically, physically, and emotionally. In this space we can drop the mask and embrace our authenticity, freedom, and joy...

a wood plank path with railings under bright orange foliage of maple trees


Gray Bear is nestled in the hills of Tennessee in an ancient, majestic forest that is teeming with wisdom, love, prana, and magic. Immerse yourself in the whispers of the trees, songs of wildlife, stunning stars at night, bubbling streams (with over 100 natural springs on the property!), and hidden waterfalls. Here, raw nature is alive and well. Experience yourself and your body as an extension of Mama Nature. Allow yourself to be held and nourished on a cellular level by the pristine air, water, earth, and prana.

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A portal. A cleanser. A multidimensional entry point. A powerful tool. A constant companion. Insight Breathwork is a beautiful journey into expanded awareness of the heart and mind. Deep cyclical breathing and evocative music combine to allow access to mind and heart expanding benefits without psychedelics or other substances. Because of this you are in control of your journey and can go as deep or light as you want. More about Insight Breathwork HERE.


A wood plank path through the woods. A sign on left reads path to light
  • Lodging Friday – Sunday*
  • Vegetarian meals (primarily) prepared with great love by the Gray Bear Family, including Gray Bear’s personal gardens
  • Sunrise Meditations
  • Ecstatic Dance & Embodiment Practices
  • Breathwork
  • Sacred Circle
  • Wood-fired sauna & spring-fed cold plunge
  • Outdoor stone hot tub under the stars
  • Hike to a private waterfall
  • Ample relaxation/free time to enjoy the amenities & beauty of Gray Bear
  • Massage and Watsu (additional fee)

* Shared lodging. For private lodging, reach out directly to Adam at Gray Bear for private cabin options (details sent in registration email).

Please arrive between 2-4pm on Friday. Departure is at 2pm on Sunday. Gray Bear is located in Howenwald, TN, 2 hours south of Nashville.

For inquiries please contact


blond woman in white shirt against green forest

Bethany Joy

Bethany Joy is the creator of the Priestesses of the New Earth Embodiment Temple, and a passionate teacher, spiritual mentor, and guide. For more than 15 years she has guided fellow lightworkers, starseeds, priestesses and healers to reclaim their innate power and gifts to live as their highest, embodied selves.

Bethany has studied under yogis, shamans, and mystics around the world, yet throughout it all, she was constantly guided back to her own Heart - her own fountain of Truth and Light – and the immense wisdom we all hold within.

Her certifications include: Naam Yoga & Shakti Naam Therapies, The Kabbalah of Birth & Beyond, Intuitive Life Coaching, The Circle Center, The Khalsa Way, Instant Miracle Mastery, Gyrotonic, among others. She is also a former professional ballerina.

Bethany's courses, retreats and programs guide women to awaken their dormant gifts so they can become the world's leaders of light, truth, and love.

Blond haired man in black shirt, trees and road blurred in background

Ryan D. Brown

For the last 20+ years Ryan has been exploring and working within transformational environments as a Transformational Workshop Leader, Group Facilitator, Mindset and Communication Coach, and curious student.

After he received his degree in Psychology, he spent the next decade immersing himself within personal development, mystic, non-duality, and religious (Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu) communities around the globe.

Upon his return to the US, Ryan began to integrate and share what he learned. He has facilitated for numerous international organizations in the realms of transformational movement/dance, group process work, authentic communication, present-moment relational practice, meditation, conflict resolution, and community building, as well as served clients in 22 countries through his international coaching business.

In 2022 Ryan fell in love with Nashville where he currently resides.

Brown haired woman in black shirt, trees in background

Lauren Russell

Lauren is a licensed therapist, healer and artist who has worked for 15 years with individuals on personal and ancestral trauma to heal unprocessed grief, trauma, and relationship wounds. She utilizes energy healing, mindfulness, psychedelic and herbal plant wisdom, and somatic-based practices to guide people towards their own inner compass.

By connecting ancient wisdom with modern narratives, she guides people towards their own creation; harmonizing the disonnance in their ancestral line, rewriting their songs, and painting themselves in the true shades of their own image.

Through her own decades of her healing journey, she has refined her gift of being with people in their darkest night offering the gift of comfort, guidance, and grit that were given to her over the years through relationships with therapists, teachers, and plant and human healers from many backgrounds.

“I work with you to create the life you want and form relationships that mirror your true heart.”

Workshop discounted at $595 if paid in full by Oct. 12th. Space is consciously limited.. Price includes tuition, lodging, meals and full use of facilities. Late registration fee increases to $695.

Upon receipt of your registration form; Gray Bear will reach out to you to help you select your lodging preference and form of payment.

Confirmation letter and additional information (including directions to Gray Bear) will be sent following registration. Check is preferred, all major credit cards are accepted, Paypal or Venmo.

Gray Bear Lodge P.O. Box 682 Hohenwald, TN 38462

Telephone: 615-782-0469


For shared accommodation:
Rates for your entire weekend are per person and based on accommodation with a two night minimum. Our base rate for our R&R retreat is $400 for your weekend. This is for a shared lodging space with one or more sharing lodging space in our main lodge.

Example: two people attend a Fri-Sun weekend retreat together. This price includes tuition, daily yoga class, meals, lodging and full use of facilities. Share same room. Each pays $400+tax.

For private accommodation:
Take base rate of $400, add your private cabin rate of $200-$245. This is based on the individual cabin chosen. *If you wish for second person (partner, spouse, friend, etc) to share this cabin with you, second pays base rate only of $400 (does not pay additional private cabin rate). Example: You choose to attend an R&R weekend, Fri-Sun and reserve a hand-crated private cabin. Your rate is $400+ $200 (for this cabin) $600+tax.

*All prices include tuition, daily yoga class, meals, lodging and full use of facilities. All balances are due upon registration. MC/Visa accepted. Gray Bear Lodge, PO Box 682 Hohenwald, TN 38462. Map and details will follow registration.

Workshop Sign-up Form

We'll begin with guests arriving Friday, between 2:00-4:00 pm. First gathering is 4:30, dinner is 6:15. Orientation & opening circle follow. Sunday finishes with closing circle followed by lunch. Checkout time is 2:00 PM. Gray Bear is a two hour drive from the Nashville airport, four hour drive from Crossville and 3.5 hours from Memphis. Please plan arrival/ departure time with this in mind.

Gray Bear is home to 400 acres of rolling hills, thick forest, natural springs, and even a waterfall. You can experience the wonders of nature while sitting in a hand-built wood fire sauna; hear the silence of nature's symphony lying on a hammock while curled under a blanket; and revel in clear air and water while using shower outdoors.

With all of this nature we have some suggestions to consider when packing:

  • Working flashlight gets dark with only the light of the stars to guide you!
  • A bathing suit ... good for the hot tub, sauna, and Watsu massage pool
  • Water bottle ...Gray Bear does not use disposable cups. Purified water is available in the Main House and the Yoga Room
  • A bath robe/sarong
  • House slippers or socks to wear indoors shoes inside please
  • Comfortable walking shoes/sandals for an inspired nature hike
  • Warm clothing ...mornings & evenings can be cool
  • Comfortable clothes for exercising/yoga

Please do not bring any drugs, alcohol, or pets. Gray Bear is a non-smoking, pet-free and alcohol-free facility.

Read more about Gray Bear.

Workshop Sign-up Form