April 19-22, 2018

The Playful Book

with Kathy Steinsberger & Diann Fuller

Instructors Kathy and Diann.

With yoga stretching and mindfulness practice sprinkled throughout our classes; we’ll create our own painted fabric covers, decorate our text papers using pastepaper and marbling, create pockets and envelopes from some of these, and then sew them all into a wonderful journal using the long stitch. We’ll finish the book with a button- cord closure and reflect on the changes brought by stretching ourselves within and without.

The creating of these journals is such a wonderful experience in-and-of- itself. The busy-ness of our outside lives falls away. Our creation becomes our meditation; one stitch at a time. Laughter, silence, fun, community; they are all a part of the story we create together. And perhaps most importantly; woven throughout our process will be time. Uninterrupted moments to savor....to explore; a yoga class in the morning, a soak in Gray Bear’s hot tubs in the evening with star-filled skies overhead....a space to reflect and enjoy this amazing journey we call life.

All supplies and tools will be provided. Optionally, bring a few of your own paper ephemera to include in your journal. We will also discuss a very approachable concept of journaling; less about “diary”, more about creating a portable studio. We look forward to sharing this time with you...

More about Kathy:

Kathy has been a ceramic artist for over 20 years and a book artist for 16. In 2001 she began to combine book arts with her clay, and in books she found her passion. In addition to teaching at Gray Bear, she has taught book arts classes at Pullen Arts Center; Beaufort Arts Center; Cary Arts Center; the NCSU School of Design; and Penland School of Crafts. Her books and pottery have been in numerous shows and exhibitions throughout the southeast. Examples of her pottery have been included in the books Handbuilt Tableware II and 500 Pitchers. In 2012 she acquired her own letterpress and set up her private letterpress studio, Orange Lantern Press. In 2015 she changed its name to PaperButtons Press. She has written and printed many limited-edition artist’s books, many of which are depicted on her blog www.paperbuttonspress.blogspot.com

Artist Statement:

I define art as communication with materials. Print, paper, words, and imagery are the artistry of books. The role of the hand in creating any object is a sort of energy transfer.. from maker... to object... to the one who ultimately uses the object. In my case the object is the book. The structure of a book, shaped like parts of the human heart and held close when reading, represents humanity and life. Expressed as art, the book can have an effect beyond mere plot and theme, beyond form and function,.... as a sort of metaphysical magic. With book as art, I have found my endless muse and my passion.

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