Welcome to Gray Bear

Cancellations/ Refund/ Credit Policy:

The following policy will be in place until after we have cleared our national Covid hurtle. We understand that cancellations happen; life happens. Gray Bear’s policy is designed with flexibility and steadiness in mind. We want to be here, to be available, for everyone needing a retreat during these challenges times. Currently this requires navigating polar opposites. Anyone needing to cancel a retreat six weeks prior to the start date of your retreat will get a full refund minus a $50 admin fee. Less than six weeks, the following applies. Should you need to cancel for any reason a deposit /portion (below) will be non-refundable and the remaining balance of your registration will be credited to a future retreat.

This is currently required for these reasons.

The balance of your registration will remain available for two years from the date of the cancelled workshop. This will ensure your place to attend. Simply pay the non-refundable deposit applied and you are Paid-in-Full for your next retreat.

Alternatively, you may transfer your full reservation to another qualifying individual, upon approval. A transfer of registration would need to be arranged with the lodge prior to the retreat.

GB will invest substantially in cleaning of campus, room preparation , pre-retreat purchase of perishable food from our local providers and the hiring of staff. We thank you for understanding.

Non-refundable deposits/ portions of full registration are as follows:

Cancellations must be received in writing. All refunds will be remitted within 30 days of receipt. Our cancellation policies are firm therefore we recommend that you purchase travel/cancellation insurance.

As we navigate the challenges of a global pandemic, we remain in awe of the healing capacity of nature, fresh air and human connection. We all finds ourselves adapting. Things are beginning to ease; we want to do our part to support this and to continue to be a part of the solution.

Many things have become abundantly clear: we need steadiness and ample amounts of time outdoors in pristine air. No zoom class will ever replace this. Gray Bear, this land, our ways are honored to provide a solid anchor rooted to kindness, civility and clarity. A sweet walk to our waterfall, wonderful meals served on our outdoor patio, a heart-opening yoga class and mindfully visiting with kind friends connecting at this moment in time; this is Gray Bear.

Gray Bear Lodge
P.O. Box 682
Hohenwald, TN
Telephone: 615-782-0469