Gray Bear Be Well Policy


Be Well
Gray Bear upholds the commitment that we are already well and in a place of health, today and every day.

Our commitment to health is founded upon three pillars: nature as medicine, high vibration foods, and green practices. This approach combined with our pristine wilderness campus and mindful planning by our Gray Bear staff allows guests to rest and reclaim balance.

Holding Space
Before it was trending, honoring space and conscious distancing have been central to Gray Bear’s approach. Situated on 400 acres of pristine wilderness provides guests with treasured solitude and serenity.

Nature as Medicine
Science has come a long way in linking time spent in nature with mental and physical health. Gray Bear is a premier example of nature’s ability to heal. Forest bathing is our way of being present with the natural world surrounding us. Rather than being separate from; we embrace being a part of. Enveloped by pristine wilderness guests are nourished by regenerative minerals, beneficial bacteria, and health generating negative ions. Pure drinking water brings alkaline balance when combined with our locally sourced organic nutrient-rich dining.


High Vibration Foods
Food is one of our greatest sources of health and vitality and, thus, the culinary offerings at Gray Bear are largely based on wholesome eating. Our fresh, clean, local and high vibration meals are as nutrient-rich as they are delicious. Greens are grown onsite in an organic winter garden and other ingredients are mindfully sourced from neighboring organic and sustainable farmers to cater to the fresh food needs of the Gray Bear kitchen. Upon request, we can provide some of our best clean recipes so guests can sustain nutrition-based vitality long after their departure.


Green Practices
Gray Bear has upheld a commitment to sustainability over the past 25 years. In addition to being built to be in harmony with nature, staff utilizes green operating procedures and sanitization practices, which protect guests and staff as well as our precious wilderness. All cleaning is executed with the use of eco-friendly products that are primarily produced on-site using natural essential oils.

Gray Bear maintains a zero-waste policy. Recycling, reusing, composting food waste, and the use of eco-friendly cutlery, crockery, and glassware are all common practices. Each cabin and sink provides fresh well water, which guests may drink from using their own water bottles as a means of enforcing a zero-tolerance policy for single-use plastic. We believe this policy approach creates a harmony, a mindful route to presence that quietly removes layer by layer the filters that separate us from Wellness and optimum health. We look very forward to sharing this land, these ways and this experience with you.