Support Gray Bear Lodge

Yes, I want to help. I want to make sure Gray Bear is here after/as we get through this wild chaos. This space, Gray Bear’s mission, has value to me.

We know there are ways we can choose to be and paths we can walk that create more joy and less suffering. There are practices we can embrace that lift up our ability to connect, to see more clearly, and to find our highest/truest route forward. This takes practice, patience and is a learned skill.

At Gray Bear, we believe that as more of us find firm footing on this journey of discovery then we will naturally create more harmony and steadfastness. We make better choices.

This is our purpose here. The retreats we offer provide an opportunity to explore new ways of carving out our individual paths of transformation for the benefit of all. Your presence makes it possible. We’re honored to hold our part in clearing & preparing these paths for you. Thank you for your continued belief and support.

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