Welcome to Gray Bear

It's All About Simplicity.

Gray Bear is about foggy mornings, beautiful sunrises, quiet walks, working meditations, whippoorwills, tree frogs, fresh air, starry nights, silence, stillness Gray Bear became a dream of Adam's and Diann's in 1993. An incredible vision of a sanctuary to share with the world. A healing space to learn, grow, restore and renew. Through consistent hard work and endless volunteer help, this vision has very much remained alive and growing. Like the Spring, Gray Bear is ready to burst into bloom.

Gray Bear Lodge is a rustic retreat center dedicated to keeping the spirit of fun and inspiration alive. Through experiential workshops in a natural setting we promote growth, fulfillment and the joy of learning. Having said that, we like to keep it simple. Our workshops include full use of our facilities: one hundred fifty acres of rolling hills, and thick forest for hiking, natural springs for reflection, a crisp shower in our waterfall, sacred moments in our hand-built wood-fired sauna, the silence of nature's symphony, clean air, clear water and a life free of distractions. While the lodging is intentionally rustic, we make sure our guests feel comfortable and right at home. Most rooms are double occupancy with shared baths. Our commitment in the kitchen is strong: vegetarian meals prepared with love and whole, organic ingredients. Our guests rave about our food and some of them even help with the dishes!