Gray Bear FAQ

How rustic is Gray Bear?

Gray Bear is advertised as a rustic, retreat center, very comfortable environment. We have all the comforts of home such as bedding, linens, and towels. Being "in the woods" does not exclude the luxuries of hot showers, indoor plumbing and quiet lighting for night reading at Gray Bear. We want you to feel at home without the stresses sometimes experienced in our modern urban lifestyles. We use very little outdoor "strong lighting", choosing instead to keep light pollution to a minimum and star gazing at a maximum.

Do we serve coffee?

Yes, (you can breathe a sigh of relief now) Coffee is served at breakfast, but not before. We begin each morning with quiet meditation…. a time to contemplate… and allow your morning to gracefully greet you. A sweet awakening. Organic coffee or tea, soy and milk creams will be there to start your day.

Can I bring my dogs?

We're sorry, but no. As much as we love nature and all the wonderful things it has to offer, we do not allow pets at Gray Bear. Gray Bear is a space for people to let go of their outside responsibilities, like taking care of animals.

Do you serve alcohol at Gray Bear?

It is our direction with the retreats we offer to focus on cleansing, renewing, and revitalizing the body and mind. We find alcohol is not necessary for this process and so we do not serve or offer alcohol.

Will my cell phone work at Gray Bear?

We encourage your ability to take full advantage of retreats and arrange your schedule to be as free as possible. Because we are in a secluded area your cell phone may or may not work. In the event that your phone works and you feel the need to use it, we ask that you do so in a way that will not disturb other attendees, staff, instructors, classes, classes, or time the group spends together.A direct number will be provided during your stay for Emergency needs.

Do you do retreats during the summer? Winter?

We are normally not open during the summer or winter. Winter at Gray Bear is spent preparing for the upcoming year's workshops, and renewing ourselves, so that we can continue to provide the best quality workshops and events possible.

Where is the nearest airport to fly into?

Nashville is the nearest airport. The drive from BNA (Nashville Airport is about 2 hours. Please plan plenty of time for arrival and departure/check in. Leaving the airport, I65 South is the route, which takes you to Gray Bear.

I can't find a map on your web site, Why is that?

A map and directions are sent with registration to keep unannounced guests from entering without permission or notice, as well as interrupting a retreat. Because we are a small community, living and working at Gray Bear visits must be coordinated with our schedule and staff.

Is Gray Bear ever open during non-listed times?

At times we do have guests who reserve Gray Bear for private retreats that fall within our mission statement. To inquire about reserving Gray Bear during non-listed times please first check our calendar and then email Adam or call 615-782-0469.

Do I need to bring my own yoga props?

We provide most everything needed (straps, blankets, sticky mats, bolsters, chairs, etc). However, some guests prefer to bring their own mats, which is perfectly fine. Please make sure any and all props you bring are well marked to avoid confusion.

Is Gray Bear  open for massage appointments?

No, Gray Bear is not open for massage sessions. We are a seasonal private retreat center, open in the Spring and the Fall. GB does not directly provide massage therapy, but has a network of highly trained professional licensed LMT’s who provide their skillful services for your retreat with us.