Raising Walls, Lifting Spirits!

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed it is the only thing that ever does." —Margaret Mead

It's an amazing feeling to have a miracle unfold while you're standing in the center of it. One of our goals for this summer was to put together an old fashioned "barn raising" weekend and raise the walls of our new, dedicated yoga room. We had finished the foundation early in the year, had our lumber delivered, but we hadn't managed to begin the framing. So we made a few calls to friends, sent a few emails to our gray bear community and put a lot of trust in the process. A close friend (and talented builder) Jason T. volunteered to lead the project. By his estimate, he felt that the building would take about 5 days to fully frame. What happened surprised and inspired us all. A dedicated group of people showed up with tool belts strapped on and hammers in hand. We got an early start on Saturday morning with every one focused and ready to create. By late Sunday afternoon, we were looking at a beautiful yoga room!

We were all amazed at energy, the fun, the pure synergy we enjoyed while working together during the process. Our weekend was full of honest work, much laughter, fantastic food (thanks to the kitchen!), beautiful days and restful evenings. It is the core of what Gray Bear is about - this community that we form and remembering to remind ourselves about this ability we have as people to gather together and create something beautiful in the process. The gratitude and the inspiration that we feel as a result of this process is overwhelming in it's beauty and awe inspiring in it's simplicity. Gray Bear wishes to whole-heartily thank all of our friends, family and supporters who came together and put their energy into this fantastic project. The energy of everyone involved has left a beautiful impression.

Adam and Diann

A very special thanks to Jason T., our ringleader. Jason's energy, good nature and creativity were truly inspirational and a motivating force for our weekend. With his heart and his vision wide open, he created, encouraged and he kept us moving.Thanks, Jason!